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Recent Updates On AMIStore

AOrganiser (2.2)
Enhancer Software Standard Edition OS4 (1.3)
Enhancer Software Plus Edition OS4 (1.3)
Enhancer Software Special Edition OS4 (1.3)
zTools (2.9)
Workbench CANDI Plus (24_05_17)
Huenison (20170311.16)
Emotion (1.1)
MKShare (1.6)

  What is AMIStore?

AMIStore is a new software store platform for computers running AmigaOS such as the AmigaONE X1000. It has been created to promote new software and give developers a marketplace to demonstrate and distribute their innovative applications, games and digital media.

  How does it work?

AMIStore runs as an application in Workbench. Users can search and browse for the latest new software releases, read reviews and view screenshots. They can login with their AmiSphere user account in order to purchase or download software to their computer easily and quickly. There is both a selection of commercial and free software available.

  When will it be available?

We are pleased to confirm that the first Release Candidate 1 is now available for public download here. Important Note: this software is still beta status and may contain some bugs.

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